A note about courses

There are two types of courses in the Hey Blogger Marketplace.  The first is hosted on the Hey Blogger site, where you can login with your Hey Blogger account and access your enrolled courses at any time.  All of the content for the course lives here.

The second is hosted through the creator’s own course website. Some creators have opted to keep their content on their own platform and in these cases you will be directed to their individual course sign-up pages upon clicking the Add to Cart button.

How do I purchase enrollment to a course?

On the item page, select either the Add To Cart button or Buy This Course button.  Courses hosted on the Hey Blogger site will direct you to a special course checkout page where you can enter your details and payment information and access the course right away.  Courses hosted on the creator’s own platform will require you to sign up through their own course website and purchase your enrollment there.

How do I access courses I’ve enrolled in?

For courses purchased on the Hey Blogger site, you can simply visit the Your Account > Your Courses link in the menu to access your enrollments.

For courses purchased on a the creator’s third-party site, please access your course through there.