My product is not working the way it should

If you’re having a technical problem with your purchased product, most of the time this can be resolved directly with the creator. Try contacting the seller of the item directly through the item’s listing page to discuss your issues. Nine times out of ten, the seller will be able to help you resolve your problem!

My WordPress Theme will not install

Please be sure that you have a self-hosted version of WordPress from, and not a free site set up at Custom themes will not work on sites. If you need to convert your blog to a self-hosted blog (which is highly recommended!), check out this complete guide on how to do so here.

I get a WordPress CSS/Stylesheet error on install

There is a simple solution for this!  You are receiving this error because you are not installing the proper .zip file.  Please UNZIP the file you’ve downloaded to retrieve the actual theme’s .zip file and additional content.  From there, install the theme .zip file.

My .zip file is corrupted

This may happen if your download did not complete properly. Please try re-downloading your file from your Account > Orders receipt.

I can’t open the file

Please ensure that you have the proper programs installed to open the files you’ve downloaded. Many graphics and templates come in a Photoshop format. You can download a free trial of Photoshop here. You may also need a .zip extractor, although many computers now come with this installed. Adobe Reader should be used for PDF files.