Can I download my purchase more than once?

Absolutely! Your purchases are stored in your Account page under Orders and can be accessed at any time. Viewing the receipt of your order will display a download link so you can grab it whenever you need it!

I purchased an item, but didn’t get my download

Download links are provided on the final checkout confirmation page as well as your Account > Orders receipt page. Please check your receipt for the download link! You can access your download link any time through your Orders page.

I can’t open my download

Please ensure that you have the proper software installed on your computer or device to open the specified file type.  Most products in the shop are compressed into .ZIP folders, which requires you have un-zipping software installed.  Please also make sure that your software version is compatible with the product by checking the product description for version and software details, if any.

Where can I get help for a specific product?

Each product sold in the Marketplace belongs to an independent seller. Please check the product page for contact information or common questions about their products. Many sellers often include a ReadMe file or instructions along with their packaged downloadable file. Please check there before contacting a seller directly.