Personal Use

Items sold on are for personal use by default. Please contact the seller if you wish to purchase an extended or Commercial license.  Personal use means that you may use the product or design for your own projects that do not result in monetary gain.

  • You may use the products for your personal projects in which no money changes hands
  • You may adapt the products to your own project design (i.e. editing a blog template to suit your needs). Editing a design does not remove the original copyright which belongs to the creator.
  • You may use blog templates on your own personal website where you generate an income, but do not make money from the template itself
  • You may not use the products in any project that will be sold (such as greeting cards, paper products and prints, digital downloads, logo design for clients)
  • You may not resell any products purchased here
  • You may not charge a fee for any products purchased here
  • You may not claim any products as your own
  • You may not trademark or copyright any product or design or include any product in your trademarked work (i.e. logos, design elements)
  • You may not use any products purchased here for Commercial Work without an extended license from the creator

Commercial Work

Commercial Work refers to any project that is created for monetary gain, including work for customers or clients. Anything that is not for Personal Use falls under this category. If you need to use a product commercially, please contact the seller of the item to discuss your project and extend your license.