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Brand Your Blog

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Brand your Blog: Improve your Graphic Design skills with Adobe Illustrator.


-Are you tired of designing your graphics with Canva, because it has a lot of limits?
-Do you want to create a REAL unique brand, without using those standard templates and fonts everybody else already has?
-Do you want to learn how to design advanced graphics with no limits?
-Do you want people to admire your designs and increase traffic?
-Do you want people to actually buy/download your printables and PDF’s?

Well, you came to the right place! Designing professional graphics isn’t that hard! What if I told you that you could:

-Design your own graphics, printables, patterns, banners, icons and more in a few easy steps!
-Go crazy in your design with no limits (like graphics, fonts, colors and sizes.
-Save thousands of dollars by creating your own graphics! (Yes people, professional graphic designers are expensive)

In my step-by-step eBook,Brand your Blog, I share my best Graphic Design branding skills, so you will learn the techniques (that I learned so far as a graphic designer!) that will dramatically improve your graphic design skills!

In my eBook ,Brand your blog: improve your graphic design skills with Adobe Illustrator, you will learn how to:

-Design buttons with basic shapes: The very first and easiest thing I will teach you is how you can build your own custom icons from basic shapes!
-Create cute patterns: Cute patterns! Who doesn’t love them! I will learn you how you can design your own patterns! You can use those to spice up your printables, as a background, or something else!
-Create professional printables! Say goodbye to word and Canva (sorry people!), and hello to your own professional designed printables that get sold!
-Create advanced graphics with the pen tool! Say hello to your new best friend: Pentool! With this little tool, you can design your own advanced graphics, instead of only using the basic shapes! Do you want to create a leaf, or a camera? No problem!
-Create blog post thumbnails, pin worthy graphics or banners! Learn how to design your own pin-worthy graphics, blog post thumbnails or even banners!
-Design an infographic for your blog! Get rid of that boring text that tells people where your blog is about! Instead: Design an Infographic! An infographic will be memorized more instead of some boring text! And it looks more beautiful!


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