Design Your Escape: A Complete Plan To Leave Your 9-5

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A course to leave you through the 7 major steps of leaving your 9-5 job.

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Creator: : Krista Rae
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A course to leave you through the 7 major steps of leaving your 9-5 job. Complete with 8 modules, bonus guest expert interviews, and a private course community!

1. Get realistic about your escape plan: Find out how much money you really need to make, create a realistic budget, and practice living on that budget while creating a financial buffer.
2. Plan your escape: Choose a realistic date to make your escape, set mini-goals and checkpoints, and ensure you’re hitting those goals each and every month.
3. Increase engagement in your business: Get your audience engaged, make new connections, plan profitable + beneficial collaborations, and take action to grow your audience.
4. Ramp up yourself + your business: Increase your effectiveness, tweak your service offerings, manage your money, tackle passive income, and create content to attract your audience.
5. What to expect mentally + emotionally: Avoid the emotional rollercoaster and lack of confidence by learning what to expect before, during, and after the transition process is complete.
6. Managing reactions + relationships: Take family members + friends from unsupportive to supportive and make a plan for breaking the news to your boss and co-workers.
7. How to know you’re ready for the leap: Don’t let yourself sit and wonder. Know exactly when it’s time for your transition from working for the man to working for yourself.
8. After the leap: When you’re done it’s not over. Learn to manage money + what to expect the first few months with your emotions + productivity.

Live Facebook community: Join the community to make connections, share your wins, and get help with your struggles. Building connections, having support, and doing collaborations is a huge part of your escape plan and that’s exactly what this group will help you do. The course will open on September 26, but you’ll have access to the community right away!

Two guest expert interviews:
The law – Jackie from Jade & Oak is telling us everything we need to know about the legal side of running a small business!
Financial – Worried about how to manage your finances and those dreaded taxes? Melissa from Whaley Bookkeeping is giving us the low-down on what we need to know.

Are you ready to design your escape?


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