Plan & Create Your High-Converting 404 Page


A masterclass to lead you through understanding, planning, and creating your very own high-value 404 page

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Creator: : Krista Rae
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A masterclass to lead you through understanding, planning, and creating your very own high-value 404 page

The 404 page is the single most overlooked page on your blog. Something that has the potential to lead readers to your best content and leave them feeling valued is often left to create a disappointing and frustrating dead-end.
Well, not anymore.

This masterclass will lead you through the exact steps of crafting the perfect 404 page that supports your goals. You’ll follow along with a step-by-step demonstration to create your 404 page. No design or development knowledge necessary.

This masterclass is made of up 6 short learning sessions, 2 working sessions, 2 live demonstrations, and a Q+A. Let’s dive into the details:

What is a 404 page + why should I care?

Let’s go over the 404 page basics. What the heck is it? Why do I need to care? And how do people find it, anyways?
We’ll also talk about what usually ends up happening when a reader runs across your 404 page. (Hint: It’s not good for bounce rates!)

How to make better use of your 404 page

Alright, time to get into the good stuff. Now that you know how your default 404 page can negatively impact your blog, your business, and your readers we’re going to go over how to get that fixed up.
We’ll go over the major goals you should have for your 404 page and several ways to support each of those goals. And while we’re at it, why not look at some super awesome 404 page examples?!

The importance of high-value goals

Have you ever stopped to evaluate whether your current goals are really the best thing for your business? In this section we’ll go over how to make sure you’re spending valuable time and money on the goals that will be the most effective for you.

Working Session #1: Define your high-value goals

Now you’ll get to work. We’ll take some time for you to sit down and focus on your own high-value goals. If you already have goals set, you’ll be able to ensure they’re the right ones. If you don’t have any goals, now will be the time to create them.

Choose the goals to support on your 404 page

Don’t worry, going through the work of defining or re-evaluating your goals wasn’t for nothing. We’re going to use one or two of them directly on your 404 page!
We’ll go over how to choose the one or two goals that will perform the best specifically on your 404 page. Then we’ll talk about how to setup your page to make sure those goals are directly supported.

How to generate excitement and interest + prevent disappointment

Now you’ve identified how your 404 page will benefit you, but let’s not forget your readers! I have 3 specific ways you can make sure your readers continue to spend time on your blog, rather than leaving disappointed. Yep, this is the good stuff.

Working Session #2: Lay out your 404 page

Now for some fun! After everything we’ve gone over up to this point, you’re going to be ready to put your ideas to paper.
You’re going to draw out exactly what will be on your 404 page with the help of the templates I provide or your own creativity. And if you get stuck I’ll be right there to help you, live in the workshop!

Walkthrough #1: Create your 404 page with Squarespace

Alright Squarespace users, here’s what you’ve been waiting for. Kaitlyn, brand designer of The Crown Fox, will join us to give you a step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up your 404 page. She’ll go over examples of everything we went over and answer any questions you have along the way.
After this session, all Squarespace users will have a fully-functioning 404 page.

Walkthrough #2: Create your 404 page with WordPress

Okay WordPress users, your turn! I’ll walk you through the exact steps you’ll need to setup your 404 page. We’ll go over helpful plugins plus exactly what you need to get everything formatted just the way you want it.
After this session all WordPress users will have a fully-functioning 404 page!

Here’s what you’ll be getting:

– Pre-homework so you can come prepared (you’ll get this right when you sign up!)
– A 10 page workbook
– Three 404 page templates
– Training and instruction for setting up your 404 page on WordPress or Squarespace
– A better understanding of your high-value goals
– A fully-functioning, high-converting 404 page

Who is this for?

This masterclass is for any blogger or small business owner who wants to turn a bad reader experience into a positive one. I don’t know about you, but I want my readers to leave my site happy knowing that they learned something, rather than disappointed in not being able to find what they were looking for.
If you’re willing to put in a couple hours of work for a better reader experience, this one’s for you!


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